Qualified and Certified Trades People Only

The FENSA and CERTASS qualifications that we demand mean that only windows, doors and conservatories from companies that are committed to excellent workmanship and quality materials, are utilised.

Our system means that we find the very best double glazing professionals in your area, meaning you can relax with a fantastic peace of mind. Not only are all the tradesmen used by Double Glazing Prices of the highest standard, but their prices are competitive meaning that your bank balance will not suffer as a result of your double glazing. If you’re not satisifed with our work you’ll get your money back! Curious to learn more?

See how it works and fill out the free assessment form. 

You are Consulted Throughout The Process

Customers of Double Glazing Prices are also consulted about every stage of the installation process, leaving absolutely no margin for error. No matter how much you would like to customise and tailor your double glazing, you can work hand in hand with designers and double glazing fitters.

We Take Care of Everything!

All in all, this site provides a totally comprehensive service when it comes to the very best double glazing prices on the web. Our quote system has ensured that customers across the United Kingdom have received top quality double glazing services at a price that is manageable and affordable.

We Find The Best Trades People in your Area

Home improvements are the ideal way to invest in your home and family. If you are looking for a warmer, safer and more cost effective household, Double Glazing Prices is without a doubt the website for you. Here you can find the very best prices for all sorts of double glazing products and conservatories – these increase the value of your house and reduce the energy bills for your home dramatically.

Easy Quote Form

If any of the above sounds like it is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to fill in our super easy quote form and let Double Glazing Prices get to work finding you the best products and tradesmen available. Our team of experienced double glazing specialists will use all of their nous, contacts and expertise to ensure you receive the very best product available.

Free No Obligation Service

Fill in the Double Glazing Prices quote form today to receive a no obligation call back and take the first step to getting double glazing that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Alternatively, call our local rate number below.

News From Our Blog

5 Tips For Small Business During A Slow Economy

Everyone right now who owns a business is noticing the affects of the economy right now. As a small business owner I know exactly what everyone is going through, as my own income has dropped significantly the last several months. The need to work longer hours for internet marketers and the need for small home business owners to take a look at how we can adjust during this financial crisis is among us. Here are 5 tips any small business can use to survive during our current economic situation.

Start Cutting Costs

To keep your bottom line income up, look for ways you can cut costs. Cut out any spending that is not making money currently. Start to barter for products and services. I have always been a fan of bartering when possible and there is no better time to barter than now!

Start looking for additional streams of income

If your business has slowed down, take the opportunity to review other money making opportunities. You may find one opportunity is doing much better than another right now. The one good thing about my business is that I do have multiple streams of income. In the event I lose one source of income I still have several others I can rely on.

Keep an eye on your cash

Right now banks are not lending as much money as normal, so you need to make sure you have enough money to last through the rough times. If you have savings accounts or any additional extra money, invest this money into a short term IRA or other investment opportunity. Make sure if you do invest any money it is in a short term agreement, that way in the event you need it you will not be penalized.

Focus on your time

If your business is slow right now, take the opportunity to work on other aspects of your business that you would not normally spend as much time on. Start networking more or work on the promotion of your website. Start looking for free ways you can promote your business and work on those while you are slow with business. When the economy picks back up you will be prepared.

Keep your head up

Do not throw in the towel on your business. Things will get better. I am sure many small businesses are frustrated and ready to call it quits right now, which I can understand. Stay motivated at all costs. Read these 3 motivational tips and focus your time on productive activities that will help build your business back up when the economy is back to normal! Do you have any other tips for small businesses during this slow time?

Back To Work Again

Well it’s another manic Monday and after a relaxing but much too short Thanksgiving weekend, it’s back to the old click-click grindstone again.

I didn’t really do anything terribly exciting during the holiday weekend but it was a very appreciated rest for the weary. I thought about it but ultimately decided against joining in the Black Friday shopping craze. Those hardcore shoppers are too tough for me and I think my time would be better spent shopping online. Luckily, the associates are out again as usual and we are only about half staffed since many contract attorneys are still out, presumably still suffering from the post holiday I-Don’t-Wanna-Go-Back-To-Work-Wah-Wah syndrome. I totally understand their sentiments. Since work is so slow today, I’ll probably sneak in break time to do some online holiday shopping at my work station and take advantage of post Thanksgiving deals – Cyber Monday they call it.

It’s Not Always Easy 

I haven’t taken substantial time off in a long while and this winter I would like to but I think my plans will have to wait a little while longer. My project continues to be extended and now it’s looking like it will last well into the new year. Contract attorney work is generally flexible but its fickle nature sometimes means that vacation plans have to be put on hold until the project has completely run its course. Contract work pays the bills and as much as I’d like to say with all confidence that jumping from one project to another seamlessly is a piece of cake, you never really know for sure.

The temporary lawyer job market ebbs and flows and currently the market is severely dehydrated. Numerous smaller projects are out there, but the key mega ones are a bit lacking right now. I think the real estate mortgage mess and the resulting credit crisis is causing corporations and law firms alike to be more conservative with their business plans. With less corporate activity happening, there is less demand for contract attorneys. But fear not, although the market is slow right now even in a normally active place like D.C., if you follow the contract attorney job forums and postings like I do, you will notice that there still remains a respectable number of active projects. Hopefully the start of a few big projects at one well known firm in the Falls Church area will serve as a catalyst to get things busy around here again.

Delaying Extended Vacations Plans Till Later

Since my working opportunities might be unpredictably murky after this project is over, I think it’ll probably be better for me to pocket the income now when the going is good and still available. Although I generally have day to day working freedom, unlike those who have permanent positions I don’t have the luxury of paid vacations and the security of knowing that my position will still be here when I return. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I’ve been generally lucky so far in being able to roll over consistently from project to project on my own terms, but the gravy train might end one day. Maybe eventually my acceptance and patience for this type of high-income-but-unstable line of work will run out, but for now it fits my lifestyle and financial plans.

How To Hire a Contractor?

  1. Be prepared
    1. Have a clear idea in your mind as to what you want done.
    2. Make it easy for the contractor to understand and visualize what the completed job will look like. Draw a sketch or layout. Show him pictures from a magazine that inspired your idea, or just write a page or two describing in as much detail as you can what you want.
  2. Get off on the right foot
    1. Communication is the key to getting off on the right foot with a contractor, and staying there. Ask questions, and expect him to ask questions back.
    2. First impressions are very important for both you and the contractor. Make sure you are at home and ready to meet with the contractor at the scheduled time. If something unavoidable comes up, call him to reschedule. Expect the same from him.
    3. Don’t ask the contractor for a “drop off bid.” It’s important for both of you to meet face to face.
  3. Ask the right questions
    1. Is he the owner of the business, or a salesman?
    2. Ask who will be performing the work? Will he or a foreman be there each day leading the crew, or will he be sub-contracting some of the work to another company?
    3. Has he done projects like yours before?
    4. Is he confident about the amount of time the project will take, and on how much the materials will cost?
    5. How will change orders be handled?
    6. Ask for their policy regarding clean-ups and removal of waste from your property.
    7. What does their warranty cover, and what is excluded from coverage?
    8. Who is responsible for obtaining the proper permits?
  4. Get the right documents
    1. Insist on a written proposal that states very specifically the work to be done, who will be doing it, and for how much. The cost should be broken out into materials and labor. It should include an estimated start and completion date. It must also include specifications on the materials to be used.
    2. A blueprint should be used for any major project, along with floor plans and elevations, so there are no misunderstandings as to what the finished job should look like. Drawing up a blueprint is sometimes included in the bid from the contractor, or you may need to hire an architect to do it for you.
    3. Make sure to get a copy of a written warranty. Read and understand it. If you have any questions regarding it, now is the time to ask them.
    4. Get copies of the contractor’s liability insurance policy, his workman’s compensation policy and any required licenses, if applicable.
  5. Review the estimates
    1. Take the time to review each company’s estimate. Make absolutely sure you are comparing apples to apples. If you are uncertain about any item on the estimate, call the contractors for an explanation.
    2. Even if you have no questions, call each contractor anyway just to see how easy they are to reach, and how promptly they return phone calls.
  6. Ask yourself some questions
    1. Which contractor did you feel the most at ease with?
    2. Which one seemed the most knowledgeable and professional?
    3. Which one was the easiest to reach, and provided polite, courteous answers to your questions?
    4. Who had the lowest price? The highest? What are the differences between these two bids? Look again to be sure the bids are apples to apples.
  7. Make your final decision
    1. Use the process of elimination to exclude contractors who did not provide the proper paperwork, or did not return your phone calls within a reasonable time.
    2. Never make your decision on price alone.
    3. Choose the contractor you felt the most comfortable with. The one that inspired the most trust and confidence in you.

Chooses FENSA and CERTASS Registered Suppliers

In the home improvement industry we often come across tales of rogue tradesmen and cowboy builders, dodgy conservatories, and poorly fitted double glazing windows. It is something that costs our industry huge amounts of money every year and compromises the trust that people have in companies such as ours. However, here at Double Glazing Prices we aim to battle this problem head on by providing our customers with only the best tradesmen, designers, surveyors, and fitters operating in the UK today.

We Work With the Best Fitters in the UK Today…

It is our guarantee that each individual who we commission to work on your home is guaranteed to carry qualifications from both FENSA and CERTASS, two of the country’s leading assessment bodies for building and home improvement regulation. These qualifications ensure that each of the tradesmen is highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable on issues such as materials, build quality and fire safety. It also means that they have their work inspected and assessed on a regular basis in order that they maintain their high standards.

If you are considering making improvements to your home in the next year then contact us today at double glazing prices. We offer each of our customer’s three free no-obligation quotes each from a local home improvement business that has a proven track record and the appropriate qualifications. This allows our customers to compare prices and court each company to decide which one is best suited for them and their home. 

Save Money on Utility Bills BY Installing Double Glazing…

For customers who are yet to install double glazing into their home there has never been a better time to start making home improvements as here at Double Glazing Prices we are offering our biggest discount ever on a huge range of products. Customers who apply for a quote today can expect to receive as much as 75% off their order as part of our winter sale.

As well as offering some of the most competitive prices in the UK we now also stock one of the widest product ranges available with various styles of doors, windows, conservatories, and a whole host of other home improvement products.

At Double Glazing Prices we are committed to offering our customers the best in home improvements at affordable prices. This commitment follows right through to our fitters and tradesmen each of whom carry both Fensa and Certass qualifications guaranteeing a high standard of knowledge, skill, and professionalism.

Why Double Glazing is the Ideal Investment this Winter

Committed to bringing its customers only the best in double glazing, Double Glazing Prices offers a wide range of premium products this winter, plus an abundance of advice on installation and maintenance. Whether you are looking for double glazing windows, doors or conservatories this season, Double Glazing Prices has the answer to keeping warm in the colder months.

Treat Your Home to Double Glazing Windows This Christmas…

If you have traditional wooden windows or doors in your home, you may well have noticed the cold and condensation creeping in. Wood is renowned for rotting and warping under the pressure of the winter months which is why so many UK homeowners are now turning to UPVC for their home improvements.

UPVC not only offers protection from the cold, wind and rain but also insulates the home through the year thus saving money on energy bills. Despite the initial installation costs, homeowners can make money on their double glazing windows and doors thanks to the money that is saved on energy bills, especially during the winter months when homeowners are prone to turning the heating on.

UK homeowners have benefitted from up to 75% off double glazing windows and doors this year due to the unique quote form on the Double Glazing Prices homepage. To benefit from competitive prices from FENSA and CERTASS accredited suppliers in your local area, simply fill in the form and we will contact you with information on price and installation.

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