You can register your project over the Internet by completing the online Free Estimate form.

  1. After learning some of the details about your project, The Double Glazing will arrange to have the best qualified professional for your particular project that is available and interested call you within 24 hours to arrange for a free estimate.
  2. Double Glazing will either email or fax to you the profile of any company we refer. This profile contains all contact information as well as a history of the company, the owners names, their specific areas of expertise and their web site & e-mail address, if they have them.
  3. Whether you choose our referred professional for your project is entirely your decision. You will discuss the scope of your project with him, and arrive at a mutually agreed upon price.
  4. Double Glazing will follow up with you after you have hired your contractor, and again after completion of the work, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the entire process. Of course, you may contact us at any time before, during or after your project with any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. We will add your comments, with your approval to the contractor’s profile for future users to view. Your experience with the contractor is used in our contractor rating formula, which is recalculated after every job. This formula is what we use to determine each contractor’s customer satisfaction index. This index must remain in the excellent range in order for a contractor to continue receiving referrals from us, and to remain a member of Double Glazing.
  6. Our service is really about local UK area home and property owners helping each other find quality contractors when they need work done in and around their properties. Your feedback is an integral part of our on-going screening process. After your job or project is completed, please let us know about your experience with the contractor you chose. You can do this quickly and easily by completing the online Evaluation Report.

Our screening process is very thorough and continuous. We update our contractor profiles regularly, and keep copies of our their current insurance certificates and licenses on file in our office. However, please read our disclaimer before hiring any contractor.

Please review our services page for important information on home improvements, terms you should know, and many useful resources for home improvement advice and ideas.

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